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2025 The Final Drive Podcast

Hi, I’m David Hays, Founder of Comprehensive Financial Consultants and your host for 2025 The Final Drive podcast based on my book, 2025 The Final Drive: What You Need to Win. You can purchase this book at by visiting our website at This podcast will help you avoid the biggest risks that will affect your long-term retirement by planning. Much of this planning needs to be done by the year 2025, before taxes go up for good. I will teach you about the impact of our parents’ tax planning and how to break that cycle and create wealth for your retiree income, the risks associated with retiring during bad markets, and how to effectively plan for your longevity.

May 23, 2022

Listen to David explain how to get a full step up of cost basis on a Marital asset and avoid paying capital gains?  Learn about the Marital Gifting Strategy that almost no one knows about! 

Hear how to take advantage of your life time, gift exclusion amount, without the fear of an IRS claw back.